New Ultrabook Ultra Series 7 and Chronos Series 7 by Samsung

At the CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Samsung renews its notebook’s solutions presenting the new Ultrabook Series 7 Ultra and an updated version of the already known Chronos Series 7.      This ultrabook has a 13.3-inch display with full HD resolution and will be available in two versions, with and without multi-touch.


The maximum thickness of this model is equal to 18.9 mm with a weight of 1.65 kg in the version with multi-touch panel, and giving up this option you can save about 200 grams.

The coating is made entirely of aluminum and the keyboard is backlit, with design features now common to the most recent Samsung’s solutions.

Regarding the hardware configuration Samsung recommends the use of Intel Core i7/i5 ULV combined a gpu AMD HD8570M and a maximum amount of memory equal to 16GB DDR3 RAM. As expansion options for this Ultrabook, there are two USB 2.0 ports alongside a further USB 3.0, HDMI and mini VGA.


In the case of Series 7 Chronos is given an upgrade over the previous model: the thickness of the coating was reduced to 20.8 mm the cpu is expected to be a solution quad core Intel Core i7 3635QM in conjunction with a GPU AMD Radeon HD 8870M with 2GB of dedicated video memory. For both models, it is expected the inclusion of Windows 8.

Rampant black market for Facebook and Twitter

Behind the worldwide success of Facebook and Twitter there’s a monstrous economic business focused on the sale of precious fans and followers.In recent years have grown a lot of business sites offering to the public packages of followers to increase the number of fans of their Facebook and Twitter pages.People can purchase 6000 “like” on Facebook and 50,000 “followers” on twitter paying the modest sum of $ 50.


Not bad when you consider that to achieve such volumes of admirers, without spending a dime, it takes months, years and may not even get there.Social networks provide popularity of what you want to advertise, and it is obvious that the success is directly proportional to the number of “admirers” linked to the pages. More admirers you have, the greater will be the sharing and circulation of the arguments submitted by the author. For companies having a large number of fans can also mean greater prestige, a kind of social struggle set within social networks.


In most portals are offered packages with specified number of fans or followers at a predetermined price. It ‘should be asked whether to buy users in this way can be productive and does not go to affect the ethics and morals undermining the mechanism that underlies social network, the principle of spontaneous aggregation to the people and content for which the user chooses who to follow and what to watch.

What we do know with absolute certainty, is that these types of services provide results light years away from those offered by official Facebook advertising campaigns, with which it is possible to spontaneously attract fans on his page but above all it is possible to identify the characteristics of the basin users to target advertising campaign (country, age, gender, interests ….).

5 Clever Gadgets from CES 2013


At the electronics mecca that is CES, it’s easy to get caught up in all the big ideas–things like Ultra HD, connected cars and natural input–that aim to transform the world. But sometimes, the neatest gadgets can be found on the fringes of the show floor, where the goal is simply to make life a little easier.

Here are a few of my favorite small-scale, clever ideas from CES 2013:

Wi-Fi-Connected Light Bulbs (pictured above)

Greenwave Reality has gotten rid off all the electrical work required to remotely control your house’s lighting, and instead just stuck Wi-Fi chips in its light bulbs. That allows users to turn lights on or off–either by room or individual bulb–through a free smartphone and tablet app, or with an included remote control. Users can also set lighting profiles, such as “Work” or “Away,” and program daily lighting routines.

The up-front price is a…

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Microsoft does not take off with Windows 8! Seven is too good to leave room for the successor.


Many people are already satisfied with Windows 7! Windows 8 is better, but it is a step towards uncertainty, why change?

Unfortunately, we are experiencing what Microsoft just did not expect, having to fight competition from themselves is at least something unexpected.Windows 8 is obviously better than 7 who is already good for many people, to the point of not being so convinced of change, and to motivate these concerns there is also the introduction of the interface near the touch technology.

There are those who wonder “I do not have the touch screen, I can use it anyway?” or “I would not be using windows with the touch”.Unfortunately, digital literacy is not something so common and frowned upon,  so who is unwilling to learn of sound innovation even doesn’t ask about the fact that Windows 8 is great for both the classic PC and using the touch.

And while sales of Windows Phone grow by 300%, Windows 8 is still a prerogative of the Geek, something that no Mac or Linux user would have said.

1 Terabyte for Kingston

Users who require a USB flash drive with an extremely high storage capacity of data, will find in Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 1TB Predator an ideal solution.This key, as the name suggests, has a capacity of storing up to 1 Terabyte data.It is a SSD solution capable of a speed of writing data equal to 240 Mbytes per second, and in reading drops to approximately 160 MB per second.


The overall size of the metal key amounted to 88.5 x26, 9×21 mm therefore much higher than typical USB sticks of smaller capacity.Kingston has not provided information on the price of this product but it is not difficult try to imagine it.Considering that the model with 500 GB of capacity is sold in the North American market at $ 1,750 plus tax is not hard to imagine that for twice the capacity the price will increase in a linear fashion, overcoming the price of $ 3,000 per key.

Hands on with ‘i-Massager’ iPhone-controlled electrical nerve stimulation and other iOS massage accessories

PaperTabs electronic paper expected to replace computers

Science And Tech News Online

FLEXIBLE sheets of “electronic paper” tipped to replace computers in as few as five years will go on show in Las Vegas today, promising to change the way people work.

PaperTabs, created at Canada’s Queen’s University in partnership with Intel Labs and Plastic Logic, look similar to sheets of paper with black printing.

But PaperTabs are actually flexible computers powered by the latest Intel chips with 10.7-inch touchscreens and the ability to interact with other pieces of electronic paper.

Lay one PaperTab beside another and they can work together to display a larger image, for example.
PaperTabs can also be used simply to read large documents, with users bending the PaperTab each time they wish to virtually flick to the next page.

Queen’s University Human Media Lab director Roel Vertegaal said users would typically employ several PaperTabs at once, as this would make it “much easier to work with multiple…

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X-Phone, the smartphone that will challenge Apple and Samsung


According to the latest rumors spread by the Wall Street Journal, Google and Motorola would currently working on a new mysterious smartphone, identified with the name of X-Phone, based, of course, on Android that should be characterized by the presence of different revolutionary solutions.This phone should not be similar to any device already existing and will make its appearance on the market during 2013.With the launch of the X-Phone and Google and Motorola would seek to enter into direct competition with Apple’s iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Sdi.

This super device designed by Google should in fact present a flexible display, a highly advanced camera, and a body made of ceramics able to make the smartphone decidedly much more resistant the others, all together with the implementation of software for image recognition and gestures.The rumors suggest that precisely because of these characteristics Goolge, despite having at its disposal a considerable budget, is having many difficulties in the realization of this smartphone, particularly in terms of “supply chain management” where, however, Apple has a very good management.

Considering, however, that as stated by Dennis Woodside former Google executive and current CEO of Motorola, in the world there are 7 billion people and 1 billion already bought a smartphone, this will surely be seen as a great opportunity to exploit.